For more than 20 years, «Pehotin» has been surprising customers with a variety and interactive design of furniture. Working in a competitive environment, financial turbulences, we have learned to ramp up and survive in the war.

In production, we use advanced machines and equipment only, constantly optimize manufacturing processes, thus bringing together high quality products and affordable prices. We conquer the European market and are ready to cooperate with new dealers on favorable terms.

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Frequently asked questions

I want to buy one item only. Is it possible?

Yes, you can contact the sales department, where experts will help you solve all your issues.

What thickness chipboard do you use in production?

As standard, we use 16 mm chipboard. But if you have an offer and it will be cost-effective, we can purchase any materials.

Before placing an order, I want to check the quality of the materials you use in production. Can you provide them?

Yes, we provide all samples including: Chipboard, MDF, upholstery fabric and leatherette, for wholesale buyers.

Chipboard of what manufacturer and what class do you use in production?

In production, we use first-class chipboard from the Swiss manufacturer SWISSPAN and the global manufacturer KRONOSPAN.

We use our own technical documentation and article numbers in our warehouses. Can you use them when sending our order?

Yes, for your convenience, we can use your version of the technical documentation and article numbers.

Can you provide product photos, marketing materials, logos?

Please use the «Get content» button in the top bar of the web-site to access the information you are interested in.

Do you cooperate with online stores using the drop shipping model?

Yes, this model is practiced by our representative office in Kyiv. Go to the «Contact» page to contact them.

If defective parts are found in the product, how and within what time frame do you replace them?

If defective parts are found, you need to contact the Claims Department and your issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Hello, I am from another country, I am interested in cooperation with your company. Is it possible to conclude an exclusive contract with you for the sale of furniture in my region?

Yes. Such a possibility exists. It is worth considering that there are many factors on which the success of our cooperation depends. Therefore, we ask you to get in touch by our phone numbers. You will be connected to a responsible person with whom you can discuss the details and find out the answers to all your questions.

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